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Today’s offering is a tribute to the power of procrastination. Or will be, if it ever gets done. Of course, to get done, it would be well to get started, but we don’t want to rush into anything, now, do we? In order to become a master of procrastination, as I am, one must learn that timing is everything. Work cannot be completed until JUST the right moment arrives, and there is no way to tell ahead of time when that might be. It all depends on the Wild Hair Syndrome, which, as we all know, can strike at any random moment….

But, once the Wild Hair has been combed, the words can flow, and another Pearl can find its way out into the cold, cruel world for all to see and enjoy. (Well, hopefully…) We’re expecting our own Wild Hair to show up any second now…. If you…

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  1. FUQ…. Wow, thanks… I’m glad you enjoyed this enough to re-blog it; it often may not appear so, but I put a lot of work into the Pearls, so it’s nice to hear it is appreciated 🙂 …. Take care out there….

    Posted by gigoid | June 6, 2012, 6:31 pm

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