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I still remember the weird fever-dream-like excitement I had when I saw Buckaroo Banzai in the cinema with my Dad and brother. It was a weird film that had all the logic of a Bronze age Marvel Comic Book filtered through a hazily remembered Republic serial and fitted with the height of mid-80’s fashion.

It was perfection in celluloid and it made almost no sense at all.

A multi-talented genius who specialized at brain surgery, theoretical physics, rocket car racing and led a band called the Hong Kong Cavaliers, Buckaroo Banzai was exploring the adventure that his parents had set him on many years ago. His father had attempted to break through the dimensional barrier, an experiment that was sabotaged by the Hanoi Xan (possibly a reference to the Shadow villain Shiwan Khan), an evil mastermind determined to rule the world through fear. Buckaroo and his crew once more attempted to break…

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