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Nilz the Klown

John Travolta has long been fighting the rumors that he is gay and in some cases, rumors such as these turn out to be unfounded. I don’t know if these rumors are true, but what I do know is that John Travolta is one sick son of a bitch! That’s right, I said it, it needs to be said. John Travolta is a cunt and if I were gay I’d be pissed. Why? Well, for one, this is just the sort of fucked up behavior that gives gay people in general a bad name. Your average heterosexual assumes that all gay people are like John Travolta or at least re-enforces these sort of prejudices and stereo-types; that this is the kind of behavior we can expect from homosexuals, that they are all sexual deviants and that is bullshit. It’s rich assholes like this that believe they are privileged, untouchable and…

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