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FUQ magazine- What is this all about?

Freedom Unlimited Quarterly or FUQ magazine is designed primarily to be a modern men’s journal. However, the goal of the magazine is to offer news and information on current topics from a more unique perspective. We seek to counteract the various agendas of the mass media in an effort to offer alternatives to the reality that people are generally sold. We seek to change perspectives, change thought and essentially in some small way change the consensus reality or at least give the option of other realities than the ones that we are force fed through the media at large.

In a lot of ways this magazine is meant to be sort of a spiritual or magickal process to aid in enlightening or at least preparing for what the future may hold but in a subtle way, by using what is known to unveil that which is unknown. Freedom in all it’s many forms will be explored. By Freedom, we mean the journey one takes in finding true freedom and not espousing the idea of- not taking responsibility for ones actions, which unfortunately for some is what freedom means.

As the name of the magazine implies, in many ways we are the middle finger to publications like GQ, because much of what is offered to you in these types of magazines is a pipe dream for many and the readers are encouraged to strive after that dream which for many of us may not be attainable. We are turned into consumers rather than producers. Alternatively, we will attempt in a subtle way to free people from this illusion, meanwhile, giving readers real solutions on how any lifestyle can be achieved. We will put the reader in control. We are not saying that GQ or any other magazine of it’s kind is  inherently bad, any magazine can offer valuable information, yet we feel it is important that our magazine be different. If our magazine has an agenda it is this- Freedom, Freedom to explore any reality we like without the constraints put on us by contemporary society, Freedom without tears. At the same time, we try not to be preachy or take ourselves to seriously. We believe in working hard and playing equally as hard.

What we are doing now is re-blogging many of the articles we find here at Word Press that seem to fit the parameters of what we are trying to achieve. In so doing we seek to gather like minded writers and artists in order to continue to explore the ideas inherent to the goal of the magazine and see what takes shape, the possibilities are endless. Our future goal is to turn what we are doing here into a successful online magazine. Articles we look for would be similar to ones you might find in GQ, Rolling Stone or Playboy, without the intense marketing or the desire to mind-fuck the readers into purchasing something. Example subjects would be-culture or counter culture, lifestyle, techie/gadgets, cars, sports, food, women, relationship advice, art, writing, philosophy, travel, politics, current events, or anything else that can be considered mind blowing.

If we do choose to re-blog one of your articles we encourage you to follow us and also it may help to encourage your followers to check us out as well. This will provide an arena for all the bloggers involved to cross-promote their blogs and perhaps reach a wider audience. If you would like us to re-blog one of your articles or are interested in being featured on the FUQ magazine blog, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you. And now, we conclude in the immortal words of Dr. Thompson, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”



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