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Last Wednesday I posted a video by Alan Watts “Never Watch the TV.” This week I am playing along those same lines of why we need to be careful of what we expose our subconscious minds to.

On a normal day, the average American is subjected to 3-5k advertising messages; from t-shirt logos, product placement, to the ads covering the sidelines of FB pages. Essentially lifestyles and ways of thinking are forced upon us, and when the average person entertains about 60k thoughts a day, you wonder how many of those are predetermined thoughts because of advertising.

Have you ever caught yourself reciting a commercial, slogan, or music lyric without event thinking twice about? Then think, “Why the hell can I not control what I am thinking, and where did that come from?” I know I have. This is because subconsciously, certain ideas, values and assumptions have been embedded into our minds…

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